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It offers advanced productivity analysis

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It has a better price to performance ratio

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Workpuls combines best in class security, scalability and functionality while not compromising on usability. This makes Workpuls extremely fast to deploy, enabling your team to be up and running in minutes.

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Side by Side Feature Comparison

Workpuls and ActivTrak have features suitable for different teams.
Check out which software better suites your needs.


Real-Time Tracking

workpuls time tracking
real-time tracking


workpuls screenshots
time doctor screenshots

App & Website Tracking

apps and websites tracking
employee app usage

App & Website Categorization

app categorization
app and website categorization

Productivity Analysis

productivity analysis
productivity monitoring


employee biorhythm

Projects & Tasks

projects and tasks tracking
track projects and tasks

Payroll Calculator

payroll calculator
calculate employee payroll

Protected from termination

activities timeline

Tracks Office & Remote Time Separately

monitor remote employees
remote employee monitoring

On Premise Option

on premise hosting
on premise

Website blocking

on premise hosting
on premise




Top Reasons to Choose

Workpuls and ActiveTrak have features suitable for different teams. Check out
which software would suit you better.

Reason 1

If you want to automatically track time and attendance

Workpuls tracks time and attendance automatically, without any action on your employees' side. This way, we're eliminating the risk of human error and letting your employees focus on productive tasks instead.

Reason 2

You want to track productivity
of a growing team

As your team grows it's getting harder to focus on everyone's productivity. Workpuls create insightful reports which show you productivity stats on an individual or team level. This option gives you a clear performance overview, no matter how fast you're growing.

Reason 3

You’re interested in optimizing project delivery by tracking time on projects

Workpuls is an intuitive solution for precise time tracking on projects and tasks. It can help you with project organization, proof of work, and budgeting. Additionally, the Kanban flow will give you a better overview of which tasks got completed, which are in progress, and what is yet to be done.

Reason 4

You’d like to track remote employees

Whether you're paying your remote workers per hour or on a monthly basis, you must track their time to ensure they're doing the work you hired them to do. Workpuls developed all features you'll ever need to track the time of your remote employees, including the payroll calculator.

Reason 5

You want to store data on your servers

Our on-premise solution is ideal for companies with stricter data protection protocols, who require that all data is stored on their servers.

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Forward thinking organizations choose Workpuls to boost their workforce Productivity.

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Choose Workpuls to monitor and improve your team’s productivity on computers.

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Choose ActivTrak to control unwanted activities.

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