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WorkPuls is a modern and easy-to-use monitoring and productivity solution that will encourage your employees to reach their full potential and help you identify problematic staff easily.

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Features Comparison

YesReal-time TrackingYes
YesTime & AttendanceNo
YesApp & Website TrackingYes
YesApp & Website CategorizationYes
YesProductivity AnalysisYes
YesEmployee loginYes
YesClient loginNo
YesProjects & TasksYes
YesPayroll CalculatorYes
YesOffline TimeNo
YesOnly Tracking Time in the OfficeNo
$6 /User/MonthPrice$15 /User/Month

What people say about WorkPuls...

Laura Miller
Indispensable Tool for HR Managment
We have found WorkPuls to be the most accurate time tracker with the ability to customize Idle time-outs as per how your employees work.
Aashish Jha
Fantastic Software for Employee Monitoring
We are immediately alerted whenever a person's behavior doesn't fit our company policy or their job description, and we can react on time and reduce unsolicited time waste.
Rohit Tinku
Everything that you’re looking for in Managing Operations and Productivity
The All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations in managing productivity better. Tracks every instance of your employee which is great in having coaching & feedback sessions.

WorkPuls Competitive Advantages

Time and attendance feature

Time and Attendance

Based solely on their computer activities, WorkPuls tracks when employees clock in and out, as well as their overtime hours.

Working Time feature

Working Time

You can adjust WorkPuls to almost any working-time scenario or location-based tracking. It can also easily track overtime.

Offline time feature

Offline Time

Allow employees to manually add the activities that aren't computer-related. Go through these activities and approve or deny them.

Employee Biorhythm feature


Get a graphical representation of your employees’ typical working day, based on a productivity analysis.

Trends feature


Identify changes in the productivity of your employees or team over time and establish whether they were caused by any particular occurrence.

Client login feature

Client Login

Allow clients to access the data related only to their projects or their virtual employees.

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