If you’re a newbie when it comes to technology for employee monitoring then you’ll probably consult Google about how it works and what’s the best one to use. And don’t feel shy, most people do it as well. Internet comes extremely helpful when you want to get information about a specific subject and employee monitoring is no different. 

So, in this article we’ll see which are frequently asked questions regarding employee monitoring and how is employee monitoring software the answer to every single one of them.

How to Monitor My Employees’ Computers

The first one on the list is probably the most frequent one. So you found out that your employees are hiding something from you and aren’t being exactly honest about their work. Maybe they’re lacking productivity or just waste their time on Youtube or Facebook. Either way, you want to check this out. So, you ask Google, how to monitor your employees computer? And the answer is simple - get a spy program for PC. 

Now when we say spy, we don’t mean exactly spying on your employees. Such a software monitors their computer but with their consent. Nothing is being done behind their back. Employee monitoring software is great to boost productivity of your employees and to serve as an alarm when your employees start to waste their time on non work related activities. 

How to Monitor Employee Internet Usage

The next question on the list is regarding Internet usage. Let’s say you noticed your employees spend too much time on the Internet but you aren’t sure what sites they visit or whether those sites are work related or not. Employee monitoring software can help you out here as well.

It’s pretty easy to distinguish whether someone is using YouTube for most of their work time or Excel, Google Drive or other work-related platform. Why is it easy? Simply because YouTube uses a lot of data to play a specific video. It’s data consuming, and if your employee monitoring software shows you that a specific employee has used over 1 GB of data over a short period of time, you can in most cases be sure that it isn’t work related. Work programs are often light and then don’t consume large amounts of data. 

On the plus side, most network user monitoring software offer a detailed report at the end of each day where you can clearly see how much data did your employees use. 

How to Monitor Remote Computer Activity

Maybe you have remote employees who are working from home and not in your office. They aren’t close to you and it’s hard to keep an eye on them and the work they conduct. So, you would like to know if there’s a way to monitor them. And there is. 

Remote network monitoring software gathers information about everything your remote employees do. It doesn’t matter where they're located. When they start their PC and begin working on something related to your company, the software itself starts running. It works passively and collects all the data about the activities of your employees. So even though they are working from the warmth of their home, they do have some kind of surveillance and won’t fool around when it comes to working.

As with everything else, you’ll get a sweet report at the end of the day which will display the amount of time your remote employees spend on productive and unproductive activities. 

How to Track Websites Visited by Employees

This question is similar to Internet usage one, but it’s very different. In some companies, employees are allowed to use specific websites for their work. It’s a measure most employers bring just to minimize the chance of their workers lurking around, or running into malicious websites. And employee monitoring software is perfect for this.

In most cases, you can label the sites your employees use as productive, neutral and unproductive. You choose this by your own finding. You install the software and let it work. At the end of the day, it’ll give you a detailed visual report which shows how much time your workers spend on sites labeled with the categories you’ve chosen. You can use this information in a variety of ways to help you better manage your company. You can talk to your employees if they aren’t working productively or compliment them if they’re conducting their job the way they should. You can change the label of a specific site if you find out that it’s in fact useful. 


You see that employee monitoring comes in handy for a handful of situations. But, if one of your questions is what is the best computer monitoring software, then I can’t really help you out. There isn’t an overall accepted best software out there, so you’ll need to find the one which works best for you.

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