Keeping up with the scheduled timeline and budget on a large architecture project is a full-time job, and your time can certainly be invested into something better. We hear you! The pressure of finishing everything right on time while staying profitable is constant. Yet, it’s not rare that unforeseen things happen and catch you off guard.

This is the environment in which a combination of automatic time mapping (ATM) and BIM thrives. Essentially, it helps you save time and money - finish projects more efficiently and increase revenue.

What is an ATM?

In our context, automated time mapping is a time tracking software for architects which gives you a detailed overview of every second your team has spent working on a project.

The bigger your team, and your company get the harder it will be to keep up with every step of the project. That’s why ATM is great! Without lifting a finger, your employees will track every second they spent designing, while you and the managers will receive regular reports to make project management easier.

Time management is essential when it comes to BIM projects, and once you start tracking your time automatically you’ll ask yourself how did you ever work without it.

Benefits of Integrating BIM and ATM

Digitalization didn’t go around the architecture industry. Architects today are highly dependent on different hardware and software, including BIM tools. Everything you’re doing takes time, projects are divided into tasks, and there are so many outputs coming from each project portion. It can be quite difficult managing all that, while still carrying on your usual duties.


The integration of BIM and ATM offers you a clear, bigger picture of everything your team is working on. It makes communication easier, helps with collaboration and adds transparency. Besides that, it helps you assess current and future projects more accurately.


Of course, this is just a quick overview of the benefits. Let’s go through them in a bit more detail:

Budget Management

In the architecture industry, it’s quite common to get paid by the hour. Besides, missing deadlines bring notable penalties. With automated AutoCAD time tracking, you’ll make sure every billable second is counted and paid for. Additionally, you can track project progress to make sure your team is sticking to the schedule so you can avoid missing a deadline.

These calculations are extremely accurate, which means you’ll be able to make more profitable decisions as well as plan project resources accordingly.

project budgeting tool for architects

Avoiding Conflicts

Automatic time tracking tools for architects are a great safety net in case of contractual conflicts with clients. They provide you with the proof of work you need, in case clients try to pay for less hours than you put in.

Additionally, if there are errors on the project, you can always take a look into the history panel and check which one of your employees was working on that portion of the project. 

At the same time, you can also avoid internal conflicts. Given that everyone’s task is clearly defined and outlined within the software.

Better Team Communication and Collaboration

Each time a task is completed managers with the manager login will be able to see it. The delegation will be seamless, and managers will be able to quickly notify the employees who are supposed to take on the next task.

All of this is resulting in more efficient communication and collaboration.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

This benefit separates into two sections. The first one is related to your employees - thanks to the automatic time tracking tool, they’ll know they’re being watched so they’ll change their behaviour. This effect is commonly known as the Hawthorne effect, and it makes sense. Everyone wants to be their best self when the boss is watching.

But it’s not only the Hawthorne effect which will make your employees’ productivity improve - by reading the regular reports you’ll see if anyone struggles with certain tasks or apps. Additionally, these actionable insights will allow you to track when their productivity peaks, so they can leave the most important tasks for that time.

The other side of the efficiency coin lays in future project predictions. After you’ve tracked a few different kinds of projects, you’ll gather enough data about the budget and time needed to complete them. So, next time you’re bidding for a project you can say with certainty that it will take 4 months.

time tracking for bim

Final Thoughts

You definitely can’t go wrong when linking ATM with your BIM tools. The benefits are undeniable, and the solution isn’t as nearly as costly as you would think so.

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