What’s most important for a healthy environment within the enterprise is the relationship of the people within it. For years, the emphasis has been on the fact that people are the drivers of every business and that employees need to be satisfied. 

However, it often happens that there are conflicts between employees for various reasons, and this definitely affects the company’s functioning in a wrong way. In this article we’ll address this issue and show how to prevent it with the help of computer surveillance software.

Why Do Conflicts Happen

First of all, it’s necessary to separate the good from the bad conflicts (yes there are good conflicts). In essence, any conversation between employees about different opinions or disagreements about something is a constructive conflict that needs to be nurtured and it isn’t  negative. 

First of all, because it’s a way for employees to exchange opinions and  get quality ideas. These conflicts are in the minority.

On the other hand, negative conflicts are very common. They can be of different nature. Over quarrels about given activities, jealousy, money, time spent at work, different traits of people, authority ... just to name a few. People are very sensitive and often need everything to be as they like. Additionally,, some people retreat into themselves and allow others to undercut them. The key is to find a balance that suits everyone and therefore increase the productivity of the entire collective.

Furthermore, what's of immense importance is that conflicts can't be ignored. 

If you do that, one small problem will turn into a bigger one and sooner or later you'll have a bunch of disgruntled employees who are at odds with each other. It's bad for the environment and for business reputation as well. 

There are many methods to resolve this but in this article we’ll cover the one that’s quite popular nowadays - employee monitoring.

Employee Monitoring and Conflicts

As said before, there are a lot of ways to prevent conflicts at work. From hiring certain managers, team buildings, talking with each one of them and so on. But, in the past few years certain tools have proven itself useful in this matter. The best way to focus your employees on their work and not on arguing with each other is to monitor computer activity. It might sound weird how would something like that work, but it actually isn’t.

We said that conflicts occur because of unequal work, greater earnings of individuals, as well as because structure and authority aren’t clearly divided. This is where user activity monitoring tools come in handy. With them, you can clearly see what your employees are doing throughout the day. What sites do they visit, whether they’re productive or not and how much time they spend on each task. You can also divide activities equally among workers so that no one gets work overload. From there, you can define the structure of your billing. Based on their work, no one will be underpaid or overpaid. Everything is very transparent and data driven. 

Having a program like this is useful when you want to promote your employees as well. Again, based on their work, you can easily see who tops other workers and therefore reward him/her properly. That way, no one will be above others for no reason. Be careful not to rely solely on these numbers, there are other avenues you should explore before deciding to promote someone, or give them a raise. 

In the end, if you opt for employee monitoring software, you’ll have a chance to create a healthy working environment overall. If everyone knows their role and their job, the collective overall will be more productive and stress free. As a result, conflicts won’t happen. 


To sum up, if you want to create a healthy environment and minimize conflict, company monitoring software may be the right thing for you. Of course, it goes without saying that your employees need to have knowledge about your intentions to implement a tool like this but at the end of the day, everyone will be satisfied.

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