Time flies and it can’t be reversed. For most businesses, it’s very important that they deliver the projects to their clients on time. You as a manager need to provide everything to your employees so that their productivity doesn’t subside and so that they can work more efficiently. 

But, even though you are a manager or a business owner, you know how hard it can be for employees to track their workload and how much time they spend on various tasks. And this is very important. With tracking time, both you and them would be able to get colossal information about every aspect of the business. Just think of how much time is needed for important activities, project status, workflow and so on. 

For some people, tracking time is a nightmare. They know all the benefits of it, but they’re just too lazy to do it. Perfect thing would be if there’s something which would conduct time tracking on their behalf and help them with this issue. Time clock app for employers is something that can be used (which we’ll talk more about), but often that isn’t the only thing. So, in this article we’ll talk about what can you as a manager do if your employees find hard to track their time.

Time Tracking Software

The first thing that pops to mind is implementing some kind of time clock app for multiple employees, which will passively track the time of everyone on your team. It’s convenient and  easy to use, thus, most business owners like this solution. 

There is a wide range of such apps on the market. From free time clock software, which has you covered on basic time tracking aspects, to more professional ones that are usually quite expensive but offer a lot of additional functionalities. And what’s the most important part is that your employees won’t have to worry about any paperwork or other boring stuff. Time in and out software can launch when they start their  PC or just by clicking the start button when they start working on a specific project. It tracks all the time spent on different activities, important or unimportant ones and offers a graphical report where you can see on what are your employees spending time.

Change Their To-Do Lists

To-do lists are a simple yet very effective tool which can be used to boost your employees’ productivity. Its okay to be ambitious and set high goals. But, it’s not good if they aren’t reasonably reachable. We all know how disappointing it can be if you don’t meet your goals. And your employees know as well. So, if they often don’t reach them, something has to be changed. Reorganize their work and change the amount of workload that each one of them has. 

Also, what usually helps is to divide one big task into smaller ones. It’s easier to go step by step and slowly build momentum until the end. What needs to be addressed as well, is that online time tracker usually integrates with to-do list software like Trello or Asana. With this combination of tools, you’ll see whether your employees spend too much time on tasks which aren’t that important and act accordingly.


Breaks are very important in every business. But, lot of menagers see them just as a waste of time. So, they try to minimize the amount of breaks an employee can have throughout the day. Place yourself in their shoes. Would you like to work for a few hours straight without any break? You probably wouldn’t. So, it’s very important to let your employees have a bit more rest based on their workload. 

Opposed to losing time while having a break, your employees will actually be more productive after it. And once again, time clock app web is useful here as well. It tracks the time your employees spend on breaks and based on the data it gathers, you can clearly see if they need a bit more rest. 

Plan Ahead

Planning in advance gives you a great perspective on how much work you’ll need for next projects, clients and so on. It’s important you and your employees know what are the future plans. 

Track your time app gathers all the information about the time needed for your previous projects and jobs so that you can have an insight of how long will it take for future ones. And that’s a massive benefit. Time wise and cost wise, certain insight in your past jobs can have a lot of impact on future ones. 


So, as you can see, in every point, time track attendance software has its appearance. And, as a first step you should definitely opt for some kind of time tracking software. After that, all other things come in order and you can be assured that your employees will track their time effectively.

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