Time and Why Is It Valuable

People have always been fascinated by time. Somehow, there was always too little time for all that had to be accomplished through the day. Even as you’re reading this post, you’re trying to get as much information out of it without losing too much time. 

Time tracking has always been a valuable skill to have, in the past even more than it’s today. Let's just look at prehistoric people. The tracking of the sun, the moon, the sea was necessary to determine the day, the month of the year. Tracking time was simply a matter of life and death for these societies. The capability to plant and harvest crops was critical to the evolution of the human race.

Start of Time Tracking

Even then, people wanted to know how much time they need to finish a certain task. Just think of feudal lords and the people that worked for them. They used sand clocks which helped them determine how much time is needed for work to be done.

So, as we can see, time tracking is an age-old problem. First who tried to address and resolve this issue was IBM. In 1888 they invented first time clock that was used to determine the time spent on each activity.

Back then, time was recorded by manually punching or stamping the card that corresponded to a specific employee. Some time clocks still use this method, but the industry is evolving to overcome the unique challenges that come with timekeeping in the digital age.

The first major improvement to time clock was the self calculating machine. What it did was very simple yet extremely effective. It basically totaled up all the time throughout the week to allow quicker processing. Later on, the now known RFID cards have made their debut. Basically the employee would check in with this card when he came to work and checked out when he left. Very simple system that offered a detailed report and you pretty much couldn’t trick it. 

And after that, time tracking software took the spotlight.

Modern Tracking of Time

What we now have and use for time tracking would pretty much astonish a feudal lord mentioned above and would certainly made his life much easier. With modern web based time tracking software you don’t need any mechanical time clock. Everything is done from PC and you as a manager have all you need under your fingertips. 

What such system offers is amazing. You can track how your employees spend their time exactly and which sites they visit. Furthermore, you can easily distinguish whether their activities are productive or not and act accordingly. 

And, there’s no more paperwork. No more detailed reports on every single employee and their activities throughout the day. With cloud based time tracking software everything is stored in the cloud and available to everyone. It’s easy to control and very convenient. 

And, it goes without saying that the market is flooded with quality time tracking tools.Many of them have some pretty interesting features, such as billing one. With it, you have time tracking and billing feature combined and you can easily control how much are your employees paid based on their work and time spent on certain activities.

So, if you’re wondering which desktop time tracking software is best for you there isn’t a specific answer. Find out what’s important to you, what features do you want and pick one accordingly. 


What’s imperative is that time tracking is becoming more and more popular. As we showed in this article, various kinds of this tool have been used throughout history. What that indicates is the fact that this tool has always been very useful and will surely stay that way in the future. So, if you were wondering should you get something like that for you business, I think the answer is obvious. Just put some time and  research to it and pick the best employee time clock software for you. 

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