You have probably heard of all the benefits of introducing time tracking into your business. And you want to implement it. But, since the market is flooded with all kinds of software, what you want to know is what type of tool do you need. Should you opt for a free time tracking app or jump in the fire and immediately pay for one? That’s why in this article we’ll talk about the FAQ - free or paid time tracking software?

Perks of Free Time Tracking Software

There are almost almost always 2 situations when it comes to free time tracking system. First one are the people who are hesitant to get such a software just because they don't trust something that’s free. The question that always arises is: “Why would they let you use something for free?”. And it's a legit question. If you made a software, why would you give it for free?

The answer is that those software usually just have a basic functionality of a professional time tracking and invoicing app. If you want to "unlock" other useful functionalities you'll need to pay extra money. So, basically, what this kind of software offers is pretty straightforward. If you just want some simple options and don't want to pay money, there’s something for you. Free time recording software offers you just that. But, if your business expands and you're in need of a more professional time tracking tool, you could still use the same software you were using. You'll just pay extra bucks for more premium functionalities.  

The second situation that probably occurs more often is - that you just don't have the money for a professional time tracking tool. And that's totally fine. Implementing time clock software for PC is often very expensive and isn’t necessary for a small business owner. So what most managers do is just use the free time tracking tool. It gives them the opportunity to track their employees time for free, which is the main reason why you even consider such software. Other functionalities that paid platforms usually offer aren't always needed, especially for small businesses that's just starting out.

Benefits of Paid Time Tracking

We’ve mentioned that group of people that don't believe in free software, but there’s a group which tries as hard as possible not to spend a penny when it comes to business tools.. However, when it comes to time job tracking software - we definitely recommend spending a few dollars and purchasing the tool. Benefits which such software offers to you, as a manager often outweigh what free employee time clock software has to offer. But why should I pay, you might be wondering? And this is why. 

First of all, if you pay for software you support the developers who have made it. A lot of time and effort is put into the creation of a software which will work flawlessly, thus , paying for it is a way to thank them. If you don’t really look at it that way, the main reason why you should opt for paid time management software for business is because of the support you'll get from if you buy it. It’s possible you’ll have some issues while implementing it and figuring out how it works, and if that happens you can easily contact customer service and resolve any issues you may have. It's an invaluable aspect that separates paid and free employee time tracking software.

What’s more, if you opt for a paid version of free hours tracker app, you’ll get all the features that you need in one buy. The software will be good for you right now, if you business is just starting out. But, when it eventually grows, the platform will grow with it as well, and you won’t need to buy extra services or something else to cover all your work. You can just focus on your job, and forget about the software itself. Opposite to this, when you get free employee time clock app, as mentioned before, you’ll need to buy extra features and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Why would you waste time on this? Owning a proper web time clock software will settle you for a long time.


After reading this text, hopefully, you’ll be able to evaluate your decision and see clearly  what works best for you. Both free hours tracker and paid time clock app web offer something useful. Pick the best way to track time for your company and enjoy your job.

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