Freelancers are a common occurance nowadays. More and more people are turning to this type of work because of the various benefits it brings. Working remotely, whenever you like, in the comfort of your own home.

Time tracking is somewhat similar as it becomes more popular with business owners. Now, let's combine these two things. Imagine you're a business owner who has multiple individuals that work as freelancers for you. You would like to keep an eye on them and their work? Here's why employee hour tracking software is perfect for this matter. 

Why Would You Hire Freelancers In the First Place?

Now, the question is what exactly does freelancing bring to your business. People who work like this aren’t near you, you can control them less, they don't have much contact with other team members, etc. Seems like there isn't much positive about it? Wrong. 

Freelancing is a way of life and lots of people pretty much can't work the other way. Freelancers come in handy when you have a specific one-time project and you don't have the resources you need to finish it. This is a situation where you hire a freelancer, or in other words, people that will work for you on this occasion, and maybe next time if the opportunity arises. Also, hiring freelancers is good because you have the ability to pick the best person on the market to do the job. From various people who are specialized in various areas, you can pick the one who is best suited for the job and therefore be sure that it will be done outstandingly.

Furthermore, hiring freelancers will save you money. Other employees are paid 8 hours per day. Freelancers are paid per project, or per hour of work. And this is a big difference. Studies show that people on average spend 3 hours per work day on various unproductive things such as Twitter or Instagram. So basically, you’re only paying them for 8 hours when they’re working 5 hours instead. This is why freelancers come in handy. But, even with them, you can be sure they’re working with some kind of time productivity app which we’ll talk about in the next part of this article.

Oh, and it goes without saying that freelancers save space, since they work remotely rather than in your office.

Time Tracking and Freelancers

So, we already established why freelancers are great. And we know that time tracking is very useful.

Now, why do these two go hand in hand? Well, chances are that if you hire a freelancer, you would want to know if they’re doing what they’re supposed to and whether they'll finish the task on time. Freelance hour tracker is excellent in these cases. It offers a way to keep track of your freelancer and their work. Just in case you have some doubts about it. And, it's a great way to stop time theft, which has become a frequent occurrence in the work environment lately.

If you want to supervise them even more thoroughly there’s a time tracker with screenshots capturing available on the market. It's a neat feature to have since it gives you a copy of your workers screen.

This kind of tool offers a lot for freelancers themselves. First of all, with it they’ll be able to track their own work and as a result be more productive. Also, they’ll be aware of how much time they need for each activity in the project and thus they’ll get an idea of ​​how long will the project last. It’s an overall useful tool for boosting their work as well. When you look at it, it’s a win-win situation for both them and their employer. 


Now we know why time tracking is good for freelancers. The chances are, that upon reading this article you’ll need such a tool. Lastly, I can’t really tell you what's the best time tracking software out there.

You’ll simply need to do a bit of research and find the one that works best for you and your business. All I can assure you, is that with it, you’ll step up your business in no time.

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