Whether you have just started your own business or you have been managing a company for a while with or without help of an HR department, you are probably aware of various HR software. They can eliminate boring administrative work, help teams communicate and plan workflow, etc.

HR software is something you should definitely use in your organization, regardless the size, structure and  nature of your business. Adding technology can significantly increase your efficiency and it has already made its way to almost every aspect of business.

We are going to show you in which parts of your organization you can use inexpensive and simple cloud solutions to improve your HR management.

1. Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring the right people is essential in any company, however, the process of finding, interviewing and onboarding them can be such a hassle if you don’t prepare properly. The solutions such as Workable and JobScience will help you get your opportunities in front of the best candidates, as well as show you exactly who you’re hiring. JobScience is complex and more than just an applicant tracking system. It offers an All-in-One Recruitment Platform that allows recruitment firms to streamline and grow their business. On the other hand, Workable is affordable, useable hiring software. It replaces email and spreadsheets with an applicant tracking system that your team will enjoy using.

2. Healthcare and Benefits

To attract the best employees, you’ll probably want to offer health-care packages and other perks. Being a small company doesn’t have to prevent you from doing so! VBA software allows users to automate the vast majority of their processes. Their flexible system helps reduce overhead and risk for all Health Care Plan and Employee Benefit Administration. Namely, on the other hand, is HR software that is customizable to your organization’s needs and can be gradually implemented based on an organization’s top priorities. Besides the Benefits platform, they also provide Payroll options.

3. All-in-one HR Solutions

Sometimes, it’s easier to use all-in-one solutions to handle your HR needs, rather than relying on individual, piecemeal tools. In this case, Zenefits gives you, your managers and your employees a single place to manage all HR payroll, benefits, compliance and more all online, on one dashboard. BambooHR is an online HR software service for small and medium-sized businesses. It is easy and affordable for small and growing companies to transition from spreadsheets to a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that adapts to their changing needs.

4. Employee Development and Discipline

As your company grows, so will your staff. The tools below will help you develop those who need assistance growing and let go of those who don’t perform to your standards. Check out WeThrive and EmpXtrack.

WeThrive gives managers a clear picture of which staff need help, where and how. It makes the process of performance reviews much easier and it can be used anytime for team building, etc. It is easy to use and the clever and elegant solution gives amazing results. The cloud-based software offers scheduling, payment collection tools, medication management, billing and reporting features for your agency wherever you are. EmpXtrack is a cloud-based solution that puts more hours back in the day. The integrated talent management platform provides HR departments with tools for creating employee databases, tracking employee performance, staff tracking, collecting feedback, tracking applicants and onboarding new hires.

We hope that this will give you some direction to think about and explore further. These are some of the most popular products, but we are sure that there are many other solutions that you could successfully implement in your company.

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