You can’t improve what you can’t measure. During the last two years we have tracked and counted numerous hours of employee’s work time and now, for the first time, we are sharing with you some of their most interesting success stories regarding office time tracking software. Due to a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), the names of our client companies have been excluded.

Logistics industry

  • The challenge – Our client is a company in the logistics industry with 800 people working in back office. The services they provide include transportation (national and international distribution via road, ship, air and rail) as well as warehousing services. This, naturally, requires a lot of pre-planning and their employees spend all of their time working on computers, doing various tasks using a certain ERP. After implementing WorkPuls, they realized that the employees were spending far too much time using Microsoft Excel. The problem was that many of their employees were unaware of the endless possibilities that Excel offers and were using it as a simple calculator.
  • The solution – After identifying 25% of employees who spent a critical amount of time in Excel with office time tracking solution, management decided to implement additional Excel training.
  • The result – With improved Excel skills people were able to work more efficiently and process 18% more orders, as a direct proof of the overall productivity rise.

Furniture industry

  • The challenge – Another client, a company that produces furniture, faced a different kind of issue. Their operations and production are located in Serbia from where they export their products to Germany. WorkPuls explained to their owner that although people were doing great in spoken German, they were wasting a huge amount of time using Google Translate during written correspondence.
  • The solution – They solved this problem by organizing language courses for people who were struggling and also made German the official language of their internal communication.
  • The result – Three months later, the first significant improvements were noted. Employees were able to send up to 25% more emails in a day and their sales revenue increased by 8%.

Computer software industry

  • The challenge – A software company that has developed a platform for online gambling has a support team of almost 250 engineers, who sometimes slack at work. Their managers were suspicious that this was happening and contacted us so that we could help them measure every minute of their time. WorkPuls showed exactly how long it takes an employee to act on a ticket from the moment of receipt; with the results much worse than originally anticipated. Average pending time for resolving an incident was around 45 minutes instead of a projected 20.
  • The solution – This company decided to ask for help from an HR consulting firm in order to improve the motivation and morale of their employees. They implemented various management activities that were advised and measured their employees’ performance throughout the whole period.
  • The result – After 6 months their pending time decreased from an average of 45 to 27 minutes.

Other observations

Upon observing the collective data of clients we have worked with, similar results have occurred in almost every company that took our advice and didn’t tell their employees at first about being monitored. The exceptions are in cases where companies are in the midst of a deadline or in their peak season. We recommend that managers install WorkPuls without telling their employees during the first week. This is to collect realistic data and get a clear picture of the current situation. After the first week, employees are informed that a new time-tracking system has been installed and that their activities will be recorded. This leads to an immediate increase in productivity, which is up to 10-11% higher than in the previous period. As time goes by, this number gradually decreases coming down to 4-5%, where it stays indefinitely if no other activities are taken on.

Another observation that has been spotted in almost every company, is people spending a lot of time searching in File explorer because they do not know where their files are stored. This can easily be fixed by implementing a systematic approach towards File storing.

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