Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone on your team could stay super productive, and ignore every little distraction that comes along? Sounds like a dream!

Unfortunately, this dream is far-fetched. No one can stay on top of their game 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. Additionally, sometimes it’s just too hard to ignore that Facebook notification… And when they don’t, employees immediately lose focus which they then struggle to get back for another 30 minutes.

You already know that phones, social media, news sites, and other distractions coming from the internet exists, and there are a few things you can do about them. In this article, however, we’ll focus on some other productivity killers, and see how employee time tracker app can help you keep them at a minimum.

Pointless Meetings

How many times after a meeting did you think “This could have been an email” or “This was a total waste of my time”? Well, the truth is - your employees feel that way as well.

I’m not saying that you should ditch meetings altogether, just think twice before booking a conference room. Also, maybe not every employee needs to be in the meeting. If you have an announcement to make, do it over email, but if you’d like to discuss new marketing strategies get your marketing managers into a meeting. There’s no need for the design team to sit through that before you actually decide which way to go.

Hold meetings only when necessary, so you don’t break your workflow, as well as the workflow of your employees.

Emails and Instant Messaging

Time your employees spend reading countless emails which don’t offer real value is time wasted. Each time they switch tabs to check if they received a new message they’ll lose focus, as well as time. Not to mention the minutes they’ll spend reading the emails and crafting a perfect response.

The same goes for Slack or other instant messaging tools. Yes, they’re extremely useful for collaboration, building up team culture in a remote team, and it’s great you’re using them. Luckily, most of those tools have a “do not disturb” option, which is quite handy, and you could instruct the team to use that option whenever they want to be 100% focused on what they’re doing.

If you’re thinking that your team isn’t spending that much time on useless communication, think again. And check the reports in your employee time tracker app - it’ll definitely tell a different story.

Lack of Rest

Since humans can’t stay focused for longer than 2 hours, you should allow your employees to take breaks whenever they need them. Break time is time to recharge, build relationships with team members, regain focus, eat, chill, play a round of table football, etc.

In your employee time tracking app you’ll be able to see how many breaks each of your employees took. Once you notice that someone hasn’t been taking breaks regularly, you can talk to them. Let them know that you don’t mind the breaks, and that their well being comes before the next deadline.

If you take away a worker from their lunch before they’re done, they’ll keep thinking about the food and however urgent your task was, they won’t be able to complete it properly. First of all, they’ll be angry you pulled them away from the lunch table, then they’ll shift focus to thinking how hungry they are.

Manual Time Tracking

Manual time tracking is really the silent productivity killer. Switching from projects, tasks, turning the timer on and off 100 times a day is obviously a job that should be automated. 

Besides being a productivity killer, manual time tracking isn’t immune to human error. Your workers could forget to switch on/off the timer, or to change the task/project they were working on, and you could be losing billable hours thanks to this.

Luckily, with our employee time tracker app offers automatic time mapping which gives you and your employees a way out of this situation. Depending on your industry, and your requests, Workpuls can detect on which project your employees are working based on the name of the file! How awesome is that?

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