If you want your business to thrive, it’s imperative that you keep up with the times and use tools which will help you improve it. Simply, if you don't, your competitors will.

In this article we’ll talk about such tools, and explore why project management and employee monitoring software complement each other so well.

Project Management Software

If you have a business with more than 10 employees, it’s essential that you have a clear plan for who’s working on which project and what are the goals you’re trying to achieve. The chances are your employees will be working on different projects and it’s much easier for them to track their workload when it’s visually represented on their computers. Furthermore, it’s essential that your employees know they have a place to check everything that has been done throughout the project. Just in case if they forget some of their tasks or to see what have their colleges done. 

There’s a variety of such platforms on the market. From the real deal / expensive ones, to the more basic ones that are usually enough for most business. One of the most popular options is definitely Trello. Trello is very intuitive, convenient and user friendly. That's why it's the first pick for almost everyone who wants a simple project management tool. Later on you can easily switch to a new one that has more features as your business grows.

Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring. I bet that you didn’t have a smile on your face when you read this, right? But you’re in the wrong here. Software like this isn’t a PC snooping software.

First of all, you should implement such program with employee consent. So they have absolutely no fear their data will be misused. On the other hand, employee monitoring software has a lot of positive aspects. You can keep an eye on your employees and whether they do productive or unproductive activities, as well as monitor web usage at work. 

Now, I won't talk about what employee monitoring software is and why it’s good. If you’re reading this article, chances are you know everything about it. What’s important is why it goes hand in hand with project management tools and here's why.

Employee Monitoring And Project Management Tools

By using these two tools, you can get everything you need for proper functioning of your business. Basically, you've got everything covered. From the assurance that your employees will be productive and complete all activities on time, to the fact that the entire projects will be clearly displayed and all information always available to everyone, these two tools will provide you with everything. 

It is therefore not surprising that most small and medium-sized enterprises use them, thus, remain competitive in the market. Simple, this is necessary if you want to move forward.

Good news is, there are free monitoring software available on the market and you just need to pick the one that suits your company best. For project management, you can pick Trello we mentioned above. And there you have it, two very useful tools for free.

What needs to be addressed as well is that there are employee monitoring platforms with project management integrated into them out there as well. But, they are usually more expensive and should be taken into consideration only after you tried more basic ones.


To sum up, whether you need a software to monitor a PC or a project management tool that can organize your work, you can find it. With the majority of these tools available for free, you can upgrade your business in no time.

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