Promotions play a big part in every business. Every employee strives for this and when they reach it, their productivity, happiness and overall behavior shifts. But you, as a manager, have to be extremely careful about giving promotions. How can time tracking help you with this?

Why Are Promotions Good 

In general, promotions serve as a reward for hard work. Imagine this: One employee has been working in the company for 2 years, never missing a day and always doing their tasks as they should. You revise their work, and come to the conclusion that they deserve a promotion, because it doesn't mean much to your business but for them, it would mean the world. And you promote this employee.

Now, you have a  win-win situation. That employee is happy and thinks they deserved something like this. They’ll be working even better and more productive as they hope more promotions can occur in the future. Colleagues in the same workplace will see what happened. Maybe this will serve as a booster for them to do their best and hopefully find themselves in the same situation and earn a promotion. And if your workers improve their work, you should let them advance. This means that they care about the business, that they want to move forward and therefore the whole enterprise will prosper. This is why this kind of behavior should be rewarded and you should nurture it.

Bad Sides of Promotion

You may be thinking how can promoting someone have some bad sides? But, in certain situations it can. People are very sensitive and often don’t like to see the success of others. They take this as their own failure which often makes them envious and jealous. 

Let's say you gave a promotion to someone you think deserved it. Other employees see this, aren’t satisfied with their current position in the company And now they also want a promotion. Obviously, this worker didn’t earn it and there’s no reason for them to be promoted. So, now they’re angry and their energy creates a bad working environment for everyone. They aren’t happy with their current position and try to prove that they still deserve a promotion.

This is why it's incredibly important to conduct good research and give promotions based on data driven information. You can’t  promote someone who didn’t deserve that promotion. Otherwise you would be putting your company at risk. All the activities you carry out must be supported with data so that you can prove why you made such decisions. It’s going to be easier for you and your employees as well.

What Time Tracking Software Has to Do with Promotions?

As we said in the previous paragraph, if you’re looking to make fair promotions, you must rely on data-driven assessments. And time management tracker can provide you just that. It will gather information about all activities that your employees have and track the time they spend on various websites. It’s such a useful tool for collecting all the data about the work of your employees. 

Staff time tracker is important for every business owner. With the help of it, every single decision you make about promotions will be backed by data and available for everyone to see. You want a promotion? Okay, let’s see what software has to say about your activities in the past few months. And it turns out that you’ve been working productively almost always, even doing overtime work occasionally. This is just one of the situations where timekeeping application comes as a life saver. Everything is transparent and all employees have access to their own data. 

Promotions are a double edged sword and if done correctly can positively affect your business. But, if you don’t conduct them well enough, you can face an issue. That’s why activity time tracker can help you never to be in the wrong. 


Promotions are important for every business and therefore you should try to maximize their benefits. Reward good and hard working employees, while  motivating others to improve in the future. Such behavior will be well-received by your employees and your company will thrive.

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