A time tracker software is a tool which can help you improve employees' productivity, as well as resolve some of the most common work challenges like time management. It should be the first tool you turn to if your team needs an efficiency booster.

Hence, it’s no surprise that a lot of people nowadays use it for their personal matter or business. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly is time tracker and how can you use it to solve most of your work problems.

What Is a Time Tracker?

A time tracker is a software which tracks time spent on websites, apps, tasks and projects. It’s very useful for boosting your productivity and overall performance. Many people use it as a way to control their work or just to be sure that everything is being done on time. 

Time tracking solutions are definitely more than just a means to an end. Everything they do, and the entire process of time tracking are there to help you improve, and make data-driven profitable decisions for your business.

Why Is Time Tracking Useful?


Time tracking tools help your team stay on track with project schedule. If everyone can access the project timeline, they’ll all be aware of who’s completing a specific task, when did they start and when it should be completed. Also, if there’s a time gap between tasks, they’ll know where to put additional activity to fill it in.

Improving Project Delivery

The first thing labor time tracker will help you improve is project delivery. It will help you track employee time on every project, which will ultimately improve your project predictions in the future. Mistakes that happen once, usually happen again and this is where a tool like this comes in handy. Taks delays are also likely to be repeated, and a time tracker will help you put an end to this.

Improving Employee Productivity

Whether you like it or not, your employees waste time on unproductive activities, like browsing news websites and social channels. Luckily, a time tracker helps employees focus on productive activities during the workday without you peeking behind their shoulders.

Small business time tracking is becoming more and more popular. The thing is that huge companies often don’t have a reason to implement this kind of tool. They have managers who supervise teams. But, if you’re a small business owner, time tracking can be a life saver. Like we stated above, time tracking has a lot of useful aspects.

Easier Payroll Calculation

One that’s not mentioned very often is the payroll calculator. Basically, it combines all the utilities which such a tool has and adds wages control on top. You can easily distinguish between productive and non-productive workers and pay them accordingly.

It’s a neat tool to have since everything is data driven and you get a lovely report at the end of the day. Just in case if someone says - oh, but I have been working. 

Simpler Client Management

Also, when working with different clients, client login feature helps you a lot. It compliments well with online time tracking and billing software. Imagine this - you own a business and you have a project assigned. Let’s say your team has  been working on it for the last two months. With client login, the client who gave you the assignment can easily check just how well the project is progressing or how much time you’ve spent on various tasks.

This way, they won’t constantly ask you about the project and can check themselves whatever they’re interested in. Also, based on your work, they know how much they need to pay. It’s very transparent and straightforward.


At the very end (or at the start depending how you look at it) you need a clear reason for introducing desktop based time tracking software into your business. If your company or a team is doing okay, then there’s obviously no reason for such a tool. Otherwise, if the lack motivation, productivity and effectiveness, then you might want to opt for it. In both cases, look at the bigger picture. Only after that, make a decision.

Time tracking will surely be one of the main aspects of every modern business. Chances are that sooner or later, you’ll need to implement it as well. Hopefully, this article has helped you see why it’s a good tool to have and why it will take your business to another level.

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