You come to work. Checking emails from 9 to 10am. Again. Okay, let's do that, what after? Oh meetings. With ... Mr. Roberts. He'll probably be mad because of last week's delays. From 12 - 1pm factory tour. If only I didn’t have to do that. It's pretty tiring. And it's always the same, the workers do the same job, often there are no problems, I just waste my time. And after the tour, spreadsheet working. Oh boy, again the boring work. Um, 2-3pm lunch break. I'm looking forward to it. And after, solving the ongoing problems, well that’s interesting. Hopefully it's the end of the day and I'll be off to home. 

Does your day look similar to this? Owning a business can be very tiring. Your days probably look the same more or less and are packed with activities that you won't happily do. So, is there anything you can do about it other than fully reorganizing your work? Let's see how time tracking web app can help you out.

Your Work and Time Tracking

As we saw in the example of a person’s daily routine above, most days consists of tasks that are urgent and important to the company. But, on the other hand we have smaller tasks that are still important, although not to such extent, and take a lot of time. You as a manager want to find the perfect balance between those things. Wasting time on something mostly irrelevant can be bad for the business since you need to focus your attention to major issues or tasks. 

Having said that, you need to distinguish between smaller tasks and bigger ones. Daily time tracker app is great for following your activities throughout the day. It will gather info about your job and at the end of the work day show you a detailed list of your biggest time consumers. If it turns out that you’ve spent a lot of time on spreadsheet work or organizing papers, maybe you should hire an assistant or someone else to do that job for you. 

Maybe you’ll find out that you don’t distribute your attention to all of the activities equally. It’s okay not to be at million places at the same time, heck that’s why you have managers and other employees in your company. But, if the tasks only you can do aren’t being treated the same, there could be issues. That’s why having a tool which will track your time is of huge importance and track timer app is something you should look into. 

Another aspect where time tracking comes as a life saver is productivity control. You are in your office, after a series of exhausting meetings. So, you pop a soda, get comfy in your chair and play some music while lurking on Instagram. Sounds familiar? Now, by any means I’m not trying to say that having breaks is bad. Sometimes they serve as a productivity booster. But, in this situation, imagine that one thing leads to another, and there you are, watching the second episode of your favorite TV show. 2 hours in. You just spent your time very unproductively! 

With my time tracker, you’ll be able to see what sites do you often visit and how much time do you spend on them. You can even label them as productive and unproductive so that you get an infograph of your working time. 

Hopefully, you now see how important time tracking management software is for you business. If you want to control everything, and use your time in the most productive way, having such a tool is inevitable.


Whether you’re old fashioned and don’t want to use any helping tools or you’re a rookie business owners, computer time tracker is something you can benefit a lot from and it should be used as much as possible.

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