Have you noticed that the number of things you can’t do online is getting smaller and smaller seemingly every day? Time tracking isn’t a new technology but it keeps getting new forms and features. The question ‘Can I track my time online?’ got so loud that it initiated the birth of web based employee time tracking software.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics of online time tracking, how it works, as well as go in depth about two of its most important benefits - accessibility and flexibility. By the end, you should be able to see why this is one of the most useful features of modern time trackers.

How Does Web Time Tracker Work?

What exactly is this web based timesheet and time tracking software? And why is it so cool? The answer to the first question should be enough of an explanation for the second, but we’ll get there as well.

First, let’s go over some of the features and implementation of a regular time tracker. The first step is to download the computer program that’s going to track time for you and install it on every computer you want to track. You, as an administrator, have a special version of the program which gives you access to the dashboard.

This dashboard is the focal point for time tracking. There, you’re able to see all the data and reports that the software has been gathering for you - which tasks and projects everyone is working on, which apps and websites they’re using, how long they take to do each assignment, complete attendance reports, even things like productivity stats. And one way to access this information is by opening up the program you’ve downloaded on your machine.

The reason why web based time clock software is so useful is because it gives you another access possibility - online.

It’s as simple and straightforward as getting login details. With this, you can open your time tracker via the provider’s website, click ‘Log in’, enter your details and you’re there! You have full access to all the data and reports you would normally have access to through the actual software. This technology goes hand in hand with cloud time tracking storage and enables you real time overview and all compiled reports.

What this means is that you’ll be able to open up your manager dashboard on any computer anywhere. The only thing you need is an internet connection and your username and password.

The only thing left for you to do is pick the best online time tracking tool by reading through web based time tracking software reviews, trying out free trials and thinking about the other features you might need. Once you have the perfect tool, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that online time tracking has to offer.


The first major benefit to having this kind of solution is the very fact that you can access your employee time tracking software online. This makes it highly accessible.

There are many different situations where you would want this accessibility perk. We’ll mention just a few.

An obvious one is the scenario in which your corporate computer where you have installed the time tracker - breaks down. Or you can’t access it for any other reason. Instead of going through the trouble of implementing the software with manager privileges all over again on another machine, you can just open up a browser on any other computer, enter your login details to access the online time tracker and you get all the data and functionalities immediately.

Another opportunity to use it is if you have flexible working hours at your office. If you really want to oversee all daily processes in real time, you don’t have to get to work with the first employee and leave the office with the last - you can just do all the occasional tracking from home. Even some free online time tracking tools with limited features will serve this important purpose.

Same goes for accessing the dashboard when you’re on sick leave or on vacation. Although, admittedly, you probably wouldn’t want to use the time tracker then, knowing that you can counts for something too, right?


Finally, being given the best online time tracking access options with full privileges and complete data sets and reports also goes towards greater flexibility in data and access sharing.

Time tracking system isn’t just useful to you as a manager. HR, Team Leads and other executives can also use the data it gives to improve employees’ performance, organize their team’s projects and so on. The flexibility of online access makes it easier to share access to relevant people without them having to install the software on every computer they want to access the data from.

It’s easier even if it’s just you. If you want to have access to the dashboard from multiple computers, all you need is a password and a browser and you’re good to go.


Being able to access the complete manager dashboard from anywhere is a feature of time tracking software you just don’t want to miss. So when you’re looking for the best time recording software for your company, make sure you include this capability in your list of demands. Trust us, this accessibility and flexibility is something you’ll definitely want to have.

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