Once again, it’s the time of the year when most of us go to sleep dreaming about distant destinations and our well-deserved vacations. Unbelievably, managers and CEOs are humans too, and they also need several days a year to get away from all the buzz and stress. In big companies it usually isn’t a problem, but in a small company or startup it can be difficult to depart and carelessly leave your business, even for a short period of time.

For some bosses, not having control over what happens when they leave their office s can actually be more stressful than working itself. Now, there are three potential options if you happen to be the absent manager:

1. Realize that it’s your only time in the year for relaxing and decide to let it go (which can lead to either a) a couple of deadlocks and errors, but finally survival of your employees; or b) complete disaster and a huge amount of energy to fix things once you’re back).

2. Constantly exchange e-mails, calls, conference calls, chats, group chats…(resulting in a possible divorce in case you’re married and on vacation with your significant other).

3. Implement time-tracking software before your departure, and make it your eyes and ears while you’re away.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that your employees are unwilling or incapable of doing their business in your absence – on the contrary, they might turn out to be even more productive without their boss overseeing every action they make. It could be a temporary stress relief and a much-needed breather. Still, it’s necessary to stay involved and have an insight in the current situation, in order for everything to remain relatively smooth.

When you install automatic time-tracking software in your organization, it tracks how much time each employee has spent on a particular activity – which is even more accurate than sitting at the desk next to them. Also, you have remote employee tracking for remote workforce. You can check the current situation at any moment during their working time, or you can look at the reports at the end of the day or week. This can be a useful tool to get the picture of how your presence or absence influences the overall productivity and motivation of your people, which can be a signal for potential changes in the future.

Since it’s not just vacations that pull you away from your office, benefits from time tracking could be enormous for any sort of absence; business trips, sick leave, field work – in all of these situations you may login  and check how your crew are doing. Eventually, this can lead to a more relaxed and trustful atmosphere in your organization as time goes by.

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