Oh, the constant beef between Mac and Windows users. It lasts for what, like 20 years? And during this time, it seems that the only thing people didn't learn is the fact that it's okay to use Mac. And it's okay to use Windows. Both of these are amazing systems and have their pros and cons. There's no need to emphasize: "Oh Mac is waaay better than this Windows thing believe me", or: "Mmm, Mac is just for people who have money and want to spend it on below average product to show off." The war that goes between the two brands has had an impact on whether people will use other software based on the operating system (OS) they have. So, in this article, we'll see if your OS preference limits you when using time tracking software.

Time Tracking

Time tracking is like a middle brother in a 3-kids family. It’s like no one's land between the border of two countries. It’s like… I can go on and on. The fact is that time tracking is something that’s just caught up between the fire and it stands on neutral ground. Nowadays, every business owner could benefit from it, but they often don’t know whether they can use such a software if they own a Windows or a Mac. And the truth is *drum rolls* that it really doesn’t matter. 

Yes, you can use your personal time tracking software for both Windows and Mac. Now, the most software is the same to use on both OS, and usually almost all time trackers support both OSs, which means there isn’t much difference between the two. But, we’ll cover some minor contrast that exists in the next paragraphs.

Time Tracking and Windows

The only thing that should be pointed out is the fact that there are more time tracker windows apps out there. And that’s not because developers hate Mac and just want to let Windows users have better options, it’s because generally speaking, there are a lot more Windows users compared to Mac. We won’t dig into why the situation is as such, but what this leads to is more diverse options for time tracking and scheduling software which are available. 

One more aspect where Windows excels is that most windows time tracking software go on well with other tools that are used alongside time tracking. Such as Google’s Docs, Excel or the whole Suite. Simply because they are synced up better with this OS.

Time Tracking Tools and Mac

Where Mac excels is the optimization of the time tracking tools. Mac PC’s are often all round good and snappy. Maybe the palette of employee time tracking software for mac isn’t as strong as for Windows, but it’s far from poor. The ones that are available are very solid and fast working. You won’t have any issues with them and their customer service is always top notch. 

What’s worth mentioning is that time tracking and invoicing software mac are often visually better looking. There is something about Macbooks and their graphical design which we really can’t explain. It’s just so neat, crispy and smooth. If you are into that kind of thing.

All other aspects that are available on Windows are covered in Mac as well. So if you pick employee time clock software for small business it really doesn’t matter which OS you have. The software itself will work the same on each platform. 


To sum up, it really doesn’t matter if you own a Windows or a Mac. What’s most important is that best software for time tracking will work good on both platforms so you really don’t have anything to worry about.

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