Tracking remote workers

WorkPuls is suitable for tracking both remote offices as well as remote individuals. On this page you can read all about settings for teleworkers, telecommuters and other type of remote workers and freelancers. For remote office settings go to Tracking office workers – click here

Different time zones

WorkPuls captures time from persons’ computer, meaning that if your people are working in different time zones, our software shows their time as it is for them. You can easily and accurately see when did they have off-days or what was happening on a particular date.

time tracking for remote teams


Proof of work

You can use WorkPuls to make sure you are paying for correct number of hours, or that remote workers are on task. You can also enable your employees the access to their own profiles and show them how much money did they earn.

Start/Stop WorkPuls

remote employees tracker

Remote workers can turn WorkPuls on when they start, or turn it off when they finish working. This way you can be certain that you are paying for the correct number of hours and employees can have a solid proof of their work.

allow turning on and off of time tracking software

WorkPuls is by default set not to be turned off by employees. To enable turning it on and off, go to Settings > Groups > Group Settings. Switch “Stop WorkPuls” to “Yes” and your remote employee will have the option to start or stop the tracking.

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Timeline shows the list of events that occurred in one day.

time tracking tool feature

Blue color represents Computer Activities (A person was actively working on the computer in Productive, Unproductive or Neutral Apps and Websites; this is filled automatically from the data WorkPuls collected and cannot be deleted). White gaps represent Idle time (There was no computer usage recorded during this period). Grey parts are Other activities, which were added manually (Phone calls, Meetings etc.).

Adding manual activity goes like this: Clicking on “Add other activity” button in the upper right corner opens this a window:

manually enter time in time tracking software

This allows adding Other Activities such as meetings or phone calls. You can choose to add them yourself, or you can enable employees to do that. If computer was used during a meeting, manually added explanations will not affect the blue parts in timeline, they will just fill in the white gaps.


Workforce tracking tool

This feature is optional and in order to get it, you have to first enable it in Settings > Groups > Group Settings. That’s where you can also set the number of random screenshots that will be taken in one hour.

You can access screenshots on every person’s individual page, along with all the other data (Time and Attendance, Productivity etc.). It looks like this:

employee screenshots tracking

You can also choose to show or hide screenshots from your employees.

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Try WorkPuls. Start 7-Day Free Trial. Start 7-Day Free Trial.

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24/7 online support