Simple Usage of Advanced Features

We offer a set of features to help you identify problematic staff and increase your employees’ overall productivity.

Apps and websites feature

Apps and Websites

WorkPuls tracks all the apps and websites your employees use during their working hours. You will be able to see which ones are most frequently used, who is using them and for how long.

Screenshots feature


Screenshots are captured automatically and at random on an hourly basis. You can turn this option on or off for each employee, and you can define the intervals they are taken at.

Projects and tasks tracking feature

Projects and Tasks

Aside from tracking time spent on apps and websites, you can also track time on projects (i.e. clients) and tasks. Get a detailed overview of the time spent on each project and make sure they remain profitable.

Real time feature

Real Time

One simple screen will show you which apps or websites your employees are using at that exact moment.

Time and attendance feature

Time and Attendance

Based solely on their computer activities, WorkPuls tracks when employees clock in and out, as well as their overtime hours.

Productivity feature


Analyze productivity, effectiveness and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams and the entire organization.

Timekeeping feature


Along with the option to analyze your staff’s activities in real time, you can access all previously collected data at any time. WorkPuls stores your data for two years.

Trends feature


Identify changes in the productivity of your employees or team over time and establish whether they were caused by any particular occurrence.

Categorizations feature


Categorize apps and websites as productive or unproductive after your team’s been using them for a certain amount of time.

Payroll calculator feature

Payroll Calculator

Calculate payroll based on activities tracked by WorkPuls. Choose whether you want to pay employees for the time they spend in the office or just for productive activities.

Offline time feature

Offline Time

Allow employees to manually add the activities that aren't computer-related. Go through these activities and approve or deny them.

Timeline feature


Get a graphical representation of your employees’ workday – active and inactive times and manually added activities.

Employee login feature

Employee Login

Allow each employee to have insight into their own productivity-related data and payroll timesheets.

Manager login feature

Manager Login

Allow managers (team leaders) to review apps and websites and analyze data for their teams.

Client login feature

Client Login

Allow clients to access the data related only to their projects or their virtual employees.

Automated project time tracking feature

Automated Project Tracking

For certain apps and websites, WorkPuls can automatically detect if employees are working on a particular task, without any interactions (i.e. clicking the start/stop button).

Working Time feature

Working Time

You can adjust WorkPuls to almost any working-time scenario or location-based tracking. It can also easily track overtime.

Time tracking api feature


Integrate your own application or service with WorkPuls through our Rest API. Get the data from your WorkPuls account.

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