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Automate Payroll Timesheets

Pay Remote Workers for the correct number of hours.

Automate timesheet reports based on their computer activities and other activities (phone calls, meetings, etc.). Examine Remote Workers’ Timeline with their computer time and time spent on activities away from computer that you are paying for.

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"We have found Workpuls to be the most accurate time tracker with the ability to customize Idle time-outs as per how your employees work."

Laura Miller, NathanTylor

Monitor Remote Workers' Activities

Spot slackers and have proof of their work.

See which apps and websites they are using in real-time and get screenshots of their computer activities. We will store their data so you can act on it even later.

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"We are immediately alerted whenever a person's behavior doesn't fit our company policy or their job description and we can react on time and reduce unsolicited time waste."

Aashish Jha, TransForm



Send WorkPuls installation file to your Remote Workers. They will need to install it on their computers.


Let WorkPuls track all computer activities, including applications and websites they are using.


Categorize frequently used applications and websites as productive, unproductive, or neutral.


Decide who will be able to see which data. You can allow your Remote Workers to see their own data, or you can create managers.


Keep your focus on business, while WorkPuls keeps tracking all their activities.

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List of currently working, slacking, or away workers and the names of apps and websites being used at the moment.


Proof of Remote Worker’s work through automatic screen capture. We will store screenshots for 2 months.

Apps and Websites

List of Apps and Websites used by your Remote Workers and the time spent in them.


Productivity reports based on Apps and Websites that you mark as Productive, Neutral, or Unproductive.


List of daily events of Remote Worker, active and inactive times and other manually added activities.

Payroll calculator

Custom payroll calculations based on different types of work and automatic timesheets.

Worker login

Remote Workers may access only their own productivity-related data and timesheets for payroll. This is optional.

Other activities

Manually added explanations for time spent away from computer (in meetings, calls…)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WorkPuls complicated to install?

No, they can install WorkPuls without your IT team. With just a few clicks, everything will be ready.

Is my data secure with WorkPuls?

Yes, your data is stored in AWS servers, and we are using the latest SSL standards. If you need additional security, there is On-Premise solution.

Workers have privacy concern. How to solve this?

WorkPuls has a lot of settings that can help you overcome this issue. You can allow them to have limited private time, disable/enable WorkPuls, or just set working hours. For more information about settings please click here.

Who can see collected data?

By default settings you are the only one able to see the data. You can allow someone else to have access to data of certain or all Remote Workers as well. If there is a need you can also allow workers to see their own data

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