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Track every minute of billable time, simplify client invoicing and streamline your firm’s operations.

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Law Firm Time Tracking
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Workpuls law firm time tracking software accurately captures every billable minute, from client meetings, email advice, to phone calls.

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Small, large or enterprise, Workpuls helps your firm enhance profitability by managing clients and cases more efficiently.

Law Firm Management

Easily and quickly tally up billable hours and assign them to the right client – even if there are multiple lawyers on the case.

Workpuls Works Discreetly in the Background on All Devices

While Workpuls is a multi-tenant cloud SaaS provider, we’ve taken steps to ensure that all key/private customer data is isolated from one another to reduce any potential access breaches.

Easily Installed & Used On...
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Work Devices

Capture all billable time across your firm during work hours.

time tracking software for lawyers

Personal Devices

Capture extra billable time your lawyers put in after hours.

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Workpuls data is AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant to protect against damaging data breaches.

secure legal time tracking

Data is fully encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2 to deliver the most secure time tracking software for lawyers.

legal time tracking

Secure sensitive client and case data via on-premise installation on your network or private cloud, secured by an advanced hashing algorithm.


Become a More Productive, Efficient and Agile Firm

Piecing together what you worked on at the end of a long day is time-consuming and challenging – and the last thing you need. Workpuls makes it simple.

It’s the best timekeeping software for lawyers for driving new levels of profitability.

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