We Keep Your Data Safe and Confidental

Customer’s data security and privacy are of utmost importance at Workpuls. We’re using a multi-layered security approach to ensure all your information is protected. In the software we’ve built, security comes first, so you can rest assured that your data stays confidential.

Enterprise On-Premise Deployment

Enterprises can choose to store their data and run Workpuls on-premise. Meaning they can use private clouds, or physical servers located on their private network to run Workpuls. With the on-premise version, after initial setup, your data will be completely isolated from outside networks (except for a single licencing endpoint).

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Powerful Configurability to Reduce the Collection of Sensitive Data

We understand that Workpuls is collecting and storing a lot of data, some of which could potentially be classified as sensitive. With that in mind, not only have we designed all access and storage with multiple levels of security, we’ve also created features which help you manage and restrict which data is collected.

Full control is in your hands:

Disable activity tracking for specific apps and websites

Disable screenshots for specific apps and websites

Note: Workpuls doesn’t have keylogging features.

Let's Talk About Data


Data At Rest
  • All data at rest is encrypted with AES-256.
  • All keys are stored and managed by Google Cloud KMS.
  • Data is broken into subfile chunks for storage, and each chunk is encrypted at the storage level with an individual encryption key.
Data In Transit
  • HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2
  • All data is fully encrypted when in Transit.


By the Client
  • Clients data is accessed through a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Activity Log Data, screenshots can be exported via a variety of methods in compliance with Right to Data Portability (GDPR, Article 20).
  • Passwords are protected using an advanced hashing algorithm.
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled for additional account protection.
By Workpuls
  • You’re the owner of your data. Our team doesn’t view the information collected by our software. Our policy is to take a ‘Least privilege’ approach, meaning only to access your data if an admin from your account has a support query that requires us to check it.
  • All Workpuls employees go through a rigorous background screening process and sign an NDA.
By Third Parties
  • Workpuls will never sell or disclose your data to a third party, not even if it’s anonymized.


We retain your Account data for as long as you maintain your Workpuls account, or as otherwise needed to provide you with our Services.

Screenshots are stored for up to two months. All other data Workpuls collects is kept for up to 24 months.

Partners and Thirds Party Service Providers


While Workpuls is a multi-tenant cloud SaaS provider, we’ve taken steps to ensure that all key/private customer data is isolated from one another to reduce any potential access breaches.


Workpuls User and Access Management


Employees’ activities, time on tasks, and fragments live in isolation
Screenshots live in total isolation for each account

Security Testing

Our team regularly tests our infrastructure and apps to find and resolve any potential vulnerabilities. We also work with leading security teams and specialists who are helping us to keep customers’ data as secure as possible.

Additionally, all of our data is stored in a secure datacenter managed and protected by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which undergoes its own rigorous security testing against the latest standards.

Unmatched Reliability and Transparency

Workpuls takes pride in its server reliability and we boast an uptime track record of +99.9%. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of service to our users and making their company data available at all times.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service and operational transparency, and our users can check on uptime anytime through our ‘Status Dashboard’ at status.workpuls.com. This record includes a history of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance windows.

During a downtime, our status page will be updated in real-time with the latest updates.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Data Backups

To ensure that your customer data is always safe and accessible, we perform backups to two different cloud locations every 30 minutes.


In the unlikely event of a full system outage, Workpuls customer data and application can be restored and running in a new cloud region in less than 6 hours.


Workpuls boasts an impressive uptime track record of +99.9% for server availability. Users can check on uptime anytime through our Status Dashboard to receive real-time updates.


In case our system requires maintenance that would result in downtime of the application, all customers will be notified in advance, and our team aims to schedule maintenance during off-peak hours.


How are user passwords stored?

All client passwords are stored encrypted and hashed. They are never stored in plain/human readable text.

How does Workpuls handle credit cards?

Workpuls never stores credit card details associated with your account. All credit card information is collected and processed by our third-party, Stripe. Stripe is a PCI compliant payment processor. Your card information is passed directly to them, meaning your credit card information never touches our servers.

What happens to my data after I terminate my Workpuls Contract?

Once you delete your Workpuls account, or otherwise terminate the use of our services, we may continue to store certain information as needed to comply with our legal obligations, or to resolve any disputes, prevent fraud, enforce our agreement or to protect our legitimate interests.

What is Workpuls uptime track record?

Our uptime track record is quite impressive: +99.9% for system availability. You can check the uptime information anytime through our Status Dashboard.

The dashboard is updated with the latest information on scheduled maintenance, as well as unscheduled downtime. During a downtime, the page is updated in real-time, but you can also subscribe to receive latest updates.

When will you notify customers of a security breach?

When we detect a data breach, we will notify affected customers within 72h. We are always working in the best interests of our clients.