The Most Simple Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring Solution.

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The Most Simple Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring Solution.

Know Where Your Employees Invest Their Time.

Real time employee monitoring

Installed on more Than 10000 Devices

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Monitor Employees' Activities

Understand how most productive team members use their time, and where the less productive ones are wasting it.

See who is late for work, track which applications and websites employees are using, both historically and at the moment. If needed, get screenshots of their computer activities as a proof of work.

"We are immediately alerted whenever a person's behavior doesn't fit our company policy or their job description, and we can react on time and reduce unsolicited time waste. It's useful that WorkPuls can be totally invisible."

Client testimonial Aashish Aashish Jha, TransForm

Time Tracking with Proof of Work

Track time spent on projects and tasks.

Assign your employees to different projects and tasks and get detailed overview of their workflow. See how different apps and websites were used per each task. Get screenshots as proof of work.

Analyze both team and individual project activities and make decisions accordingly.

"We have found Workpuls to be the most accurate time tracker with the ability to customize Idle time-outs as per how your employees work."

Client testimonial Laura Laura Miller, NathanTylor

Automated Project Time Tracking

Let WorkPuls track time on your projects automatically.

There is no need for pressing start/stop buttons anymore - all the work will automatically be assigned to corresponding projects and tasks. Know precisely what, when and for how long your employees have been working on.

Integrated with tools used by: marketing, support, development, design and sales teams.

"WorkPuls is great not only because it provides us with all the information we need, but because it does so in an unobtrusive way and represents a great fit for our company culture."

Client testimonial Nebojsa Nebojsa Jankovic, Eipix

Suitable for both Office and Remote Workers

What our customers say about WorkPuls...

Client testiomonial Nolan
WorkPuls helped us to ensure that our remote employees are actively working
We can see screenshots of their computers - which is great proof of work. I would recommend WorkPuls to anyone who has remote workforce.
Nolan Fyfe, Founder
of NJStoica
Client testiomonial Fred
Simple and useful software, easy to use and great value for the money
WorkPuls is pretty intuitive for our management, allows team leaders to manage their own departments, and let employees fill in their own time spent on meetings and workshops. The support responded to all my questions quickly and added some of my ideas into the product.
Fred Nicholson, CEO
at Loge
Client testiomonial Rohit
Everything that you’re looking for in Managing Operations and Productivity
The All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations in managing productivity better. Tracks every instance of your employee which is great in having coaching & feedback sessions.
Rohit Tinku, Sales Manager
at Noon Dalton



Install WorkPuls on every computer you would like to track with just a few clicks.


Categorize applications and websites employees use frequently as productive, unproductive, or neutral.


Keep your focus on business, while WorkPuls keeps track of all activities in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WorkPuls complicated to install?

No, you can install WorkPuls without your IT team. With just a few clicks, you will be ready.

Is my data secure with WorkPuls?

Yes, your data is stored in AWS servers, and we are using the latest SSL standards. If you need additional security, there is On-Premise solution.

Is WorkPuls suitable for remote workers?

Yes, to learn more about settings and options for remote workers, click here.

Is WorkPuls suitable for office workers as well?

Of course! To learn more about settings and options for office workers, click here.

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In a recent study, a group of Microsoft workers took, on average, 15 minutes to return to serious mental tasks, like writing reports or computer code, after responding to incoming e-mail or instant messages. They strayed off to reply to other messages or browse news, sports or entertainment Web sites.

“I was surprised by how easily people were distracted and how long it took them to get back to the task,” said Eric Horvitz