Productivity assessment tool for managers

Identify bottlenecks in everyday business through your employees' computer activities and improve organizations' efficiency.

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Find spot for improvement

Determine performance difficulties

Analyze peoples’ activities, learn their behaviour and easily spot chances for improvement so that you can give them additional advice and training where needed.

Plan workflow better

Find the ideal balance of work and other related activities for each person. Optimize your team, assign tasks, projects and schedule them according to employees’ capacities.

Plan workflow beter
Compare tools that your employees are using

Examine the efficiency of business tools

See if you are wasting time and creating additional costs by using suboptimal tools. Test new software you are considering and view how your employees actually perform with it.

Understand the importance of productivity analysis and statistics in your organization.

We know how important metrics are for decision making. In order to help you manage your business appropriately, WorkPuls generates reports and shows you habits and trends of employee activities. Organize your people and their tools thoughtfully.

Your ease of use was by far the best out of any other software I tried and I’ve tried plenty.

David Bitton, CEO
@ PracticePanther

WorkPuls helped me realize that some people had trouble using our complicated ERP system. I organized additional training and we increased our productivity by 8% in the first 3 months.

Kirsty Muir, Head of HR
@ Brogan Group

We learned that some people are more efficient in the morning while others are later during the day, so we changed to flex-time. The team gained more focus and slacking is now minimal.

Rafael Horna, Owner

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