The Simplest Time Tracking Software

We will help you track the time spent on projects and tasks, with proof of your employees’ work.

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The Simplest Time Tracking Software

We will help you track the time spent on projects and tasks, with proof of your employees' work

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A Perfect Solution for Both Office and Remote Employees.

Installed on more than 10,000 Devices

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Organize Projects

Create new projects, then divide them into tasks that your employees will work on. You will get insights into the time they spent on each task.

Time tracking software with project management
Time tracking software with projects and tasks management

Track Time on Tasks

Your employees will have the WorkPuls Tracker (software on their desktop) which will display all the tasks assigned to them. They can use it to track the time spent on each task.

Track Time on Tasks
Track Time on Projects

Analyze Tracked Time

Get a detailed overview of the time your employees spend on each task, including which apps and websites they use during their work on the task and for how long.

Analyze time on tasks
Analyze time on projects


WorkPuls keeps your data for two years, so you can access and analyze it anytime you want.

Software for time tracking with timekeeping feature
Analyze time spent on projects
One Awesome Dashboard to Keep Your Whole Team Focused.

What people say about WorkPuls...

Client testiomonial Laura
Indispensable Tool for HR Managment
We have found WorkPuls to be the most accurate time tracker with the ability to customize Idle time-outs as per how your employees work.
Laura Miller, Owner
at Nathan Tylor LLC
Client testiomonial Aashish
Fantastic Software for Employee Monitoring
We are immediately alerted whenever a person's behavior doesn't fit our company policy or their job description, and we can react on time and reduce unsolicited time waste.
Aashish Jha, Senior IT Executive
at Transform Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Client testiomonial Rohit
Everything that you’re looking for in Managing Operations and Productivity
The All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations in managing productivity better. Tracks every instance of your employee which is great in having coaching & feedback sessions.
Rohit Tinku, Sales Manager
at Noon Dalton

Project Overview

Get a detailed overview of the time spent on projects and make sure they remain profitable.

Reallocate your resources to the most important projects and be ready to get rid of those jeopardizing your profit. See total time invested in projects in order to bill your clients accordingly.

Proof of Work

Make sure your employees are actually working on the given task.

WorkPuls automatically tracks apps and websites that your employees use while they are working on projects and tasks. It also provides you with the option to capture screenshots, which will give you an even better insight into your employees’ activities.

Real Time

Learn which tasks your employees are working on at that exact moment.

Be notified if one of your employees is currently working on a low-priority task, while you need them on a more important one.

Find out if their time is spent on unproductive websites while they should be working on their tasks and rectify the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WorkPuls complicated to install?

No, you can install WorkPuls without your IT team. You will be all set to go after just a few clicks.

Is my data secure with WorkPuls?

Yes, your data is stored in AWS servers, and we are using the latest SSL standards. If you need additional security, we have an on-premise solution available.

Does WorkPuls start automatically?

Yes, WorkPuls starts as soon as the computer is turned on. It does not require any sort of manual action.

Do employees need to know?

No, it’s optional. A WorkPuls icon will appear in their tray only if you want it to.

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