‘Starting next week, we’re going to be using a time tracker to measure your performance on projects!’

Like it or not, this is probably in the top 5 things employees hate to hear the most. You might realize that the software for time and project tracking brings a lot to the table in terms of time management, organization, productivity and performance evaluation, but there’s just something about every minute of their working day being accounted for that puts employees off.

Antagonism and distrust never helped anybody, so it’s important to be compassionate in your efforts to get employees to shed their negative feelings and get over their fear of work log software. Fortunately, there’s this quality of the system that will make this task easier - it’s good for employees too.

They probably don’t realize that yet, but there are at least five reasons why implementing work time software will benefit employees in a very straightforward way, and if you manage to communicate this to them, they’ll not only accept it more readily, but might even enjoy having it around.

So here are five things you can say to your employees that will help win them over:

1. Your Overtime Is Never Going Undetected Again

Basically, you need to let your employees know that the fact that all their office time is going to be tracked isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Work hours app doesn’t just track their time on Facebook - it also measures and records every extra minute they spend working.

The tracking starts with their first computer activity for the day and doesn’t stop until their machines are off. This means that you’ll know when they come to work and when they leave. And if the gap between the two is greater than, say, eight hours, job timing software will automatically register that as overtime work.

Of course, this argument is inseparable from your reassurance that employees’ breaks are still going to be considered an integral part of their office time and not subtracted from the total working hours.

All in all, naturally, your employees are going to be very happy to hear that every extra minute they dedicate to work is going to be detected and paid for from now on.

2. I’ll Ask a Lot Less Questions During Your Projects

The fact that there’s now an app to keep track of time spent on projects is bound to keep your employees’ superiors (a.k.a. you) off their backs for a lot longer than usual.

Say you wanted to check up on the progress of one of the projects that your employees are on. The old way would require you to approach the employees, ask them about it, maybe check the documents. Also, any time you wanted to assign a new task to someone, you first had to ask them what they were working on and whether they were available.

But with a time tracker, you can see all this from the comfort of your own office, without having to disturb your employees. They’ll appreciate the newly gained freedom and a bit more space to breathe, and you’ll in turn have all the answers you need whenever you need them.

3. Your Workload Will Be Much More Optimized

Another thing that your employees will be glad to hear is that project time tracker app will be able to map out their productivity. What this means for them is that you’ll get a much better sense of what your teams can do, and, based on this, you can organize their workflow and adjust your expectations.

Now, of course, improvement is what you’re looking for, but using a work time track to detect productivity overload can prevent you from unintentionally overworking them in the process. Instead, they’ll get to keep a steady progress, which means no stressing out and no burnout.

This also goes for all segments of their project organization. The best timekeeping software will tell you a lot about your employees’ work routines - how long it takes to finish certain tasks, when they need a break, what time of day they’re most productive and so on. All these insights from time tracking form pretty detailed picture of what employees are capable of and this will let you optimize their workload in the most informed way possible.

4. You Won’t Have to Cover for Your Slacker Colleagues Ever Again

Just ask your employees and you’ll discover that many of them have experienced something along these lines: The whole team is working on a project and everyone is doing their best but there’s one employee who’s just slacking off all the time. Naturally, the project gets dragged on longer than it should and in the end everyone indiscriminately gets told off or kept overtime.

This is plain easier than conducting the investigation and inciting arguments, but it’s not entirely fair. Well, now that you can track time spent on apps and tasks for each employee, you’ll be able to know who’s working hard and who isn’t even trying. Both in real time and as a periodical report. This is going to bring a new layer of fairness to the company culture that your employees are bound to appreciate.

5. Future Deadlines Are Going to Be More and More Realistic

Having a time clock app for multiple employees is also useful if you want to know which pace they’re doing their tasks at. This will make deadlines way more customized and realistic, making projects less stressful and employees’ work life more relaxed.

So the next time you’re faced with the task of setting the project estimates and deadlines, do an easy time clock app check to see how long that particular team took to do similar projects in the past. This way, your expectations will be appropriate and all the due dates and milestones are going to be feasible. What’s not to love about that?


Getting your employees on board with having all of their computer activities tracked won’t be easy. But it’s not impossible either, especially with the right approach. These five arguments that we’ve presented will get you far, but only adding compassion, listening to their opinions and answering their questions can get you all the way to acceptance.

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