The main reason to implement office and remote employee time tracking software in any company would be learning what are the employees up to, as well as understanding their (un)productive hours and their origin. With the help of this type of software, the management is able to realize how does the organization “breathe” and where lies a chance for improvement. This information enables the decision makers to rely on quantified facts and manage their human resources better. The effect of this system is important both for time management as well as overall long-term and strategic planning.

However, many companies fear that using time tracking software will make employees feel as though Big Brother is watching, therefore jeopardizing morale of employees. So, how can a manager use time tracking software and improve employee morale at the same time?

The most important thing for you as a manager to do: communicate value. Good communication is one of the vital aspects of running a successful organization. Time management, on the other hand, acts as a bridge toward a more refined and happier workplace.

Getting your employees up for the idea of monitoring must be done as early as possible, preferably before the monitoring even starts. They should be aware of how is it going to be done and how it would affect them. Organizations can reap business intelligence from knowing what their employees do every day so that they can improve organizational structure, identify what tools employees need, find out their most productive periods and which teams work best. It assures that employees aren’t kept at part-time status when they’re working full-time hours, and are not being underpaid and their efforts not being acknowledged. Make sure that your employees are aware of these objectives, because when they feel that the company has their best interests in mind, the introduction of time-tracking software will be received without Orwellian comments.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to avoid punishment and focus on improvement. That way you will reduce stress among employees and decrease the chance of them lying and manipulating their reports. The old, highly formal and strict model of management is obsolete and should be left in the past.

How your employees respond to time tracking depends highly on how you present the benefits of the software to them. Put some thought in your leadership and watch your organization increase their productivity.

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