We live in a world where most businesses can function only with internet access and a laptop. Knowing this, more and more people work from home and most companies have entire teams working remotely. But, is remote work really better than working in an old school office?

Modern Working

Just take a look at this graph. It shows Google search volume for “work remotely” over the last 10 years.

google graph

The thing is that people aren’t just searching more for remote work. They actually prefer it. I bet that if you conducted a survey and asked people whether they would like to work remotely or from the office, 9 out of 10 would choose the work from home option.

And this shouldn’t surprise you. People prefer to organize their work time however they want and to be in the warmth of their home or local cafe. It’s less stressful and they don’t have their boss constantly over their heads. 

Savings and Productivity

Companies that encourage remote working save a ton of money in advance because there’s no physical office. People that work from home have their own essential work elements such as computer, Internet connection, water, food, electricity and everything else. 

To put things into perspective with a real life example, it is said that a world famous company - American Express has reported annual savings of $10-15 million thanks to its remote operations. 

 But above all this, what’s a real deal braker and what saves most money is…

Remote workers just do more work.

The idea that remote workers are more productive isn’t something was made up. It’s substantiated by lots of data and research. Here are a few highlights :

  • A Stanford study of 16,000 call center employees found out that working remotely increased their productivity by 13 percent
  • 77 percent of workers reported greater productivity working off-site (remotely) in a CoSo Cloud survey from 2015. 

And how wouldn’t it be more productive? Just imagine your day at the office. You start working, and someone comes to your desk to ask you something. You’re always getting invited to meetings and people make noise around you all the time. It’s very distracting. 

And what you as an employer want is productivity right? It is, because that is what matters the most. Plus, you can rest assured that you can keep an eye on your employees with modern monitoring desktop software.

With it you can easily track what your employees do and if their actions are productive or not. Plus, you get a sweet report at the end of the day. How good is that?

Access to Awesome Talent 

Sometimes you have to hire someone to work, but you can only pick someone from your city or neighborhood. That person might not be good enough for the role. That’s where remote working comes in handy. 

Instead of settling with the best, let’s say marketing assistant in your city, you can find an even better one to work for you remotely. 


It is also known that people are much happier when working remotely. And that’s the key. Happy employees mean more productive work and better overall environment. This is also backed by data as researchers at Harvard and Princeton report that workers are willing to accept 8 percent lower pay, on average, to work from home. Numbers don’t lie, so take a look at this:

  • 24 percent of people who work in traditional offices say they love their job
  • 45 percent of people who work remotely say they love their job

Not everyone is the same

The thing is that people are different. Someone might be shy, but incredibly smart and hard-working. Others are extrovert, but lazy. Someone is used to work in the evening when they’re most productive. Or early in the morning. Working remotely let’s you manage your work however you like, and let’s you be the best you can. Another thing to keep in mind is that when working remotely you won’t have to deal with other people you don’t like in person. Sometimes that can be very stressful and distracting so that’s yet another plus. 

Negative Aspects

While working remotely has a lot of positive aspects as stated in this text, you should be aware of it’s bad sides. 

First of all, you might get lonely after some time. Working alone gets tiring after a while and you should have some kind of face to face work as well.

Communication can be an issue. While talking to others via Slack is convenient, it gets pretty stalled after a while. This is exactly why face to face contact is important and you should have it to some degree.

Discipline Deficiency is yet another one negative thing. While working from your home, you might get distracted easily and forget about your discipline. Not having a boss around you can be a good thing, but not having any kind of authority isn’t good as well.  


While remote working surely has lots of positive aspects, you should be aware of its downsides. Try to make the best of it, do what pleases you and what you feel comfortable doing. Maybe this post will show you why you should give a chance to remote jobs.

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