If you go online and search computer tracking software, you’ll see many articles and discussions related to the pros and cons of such tool. Even on our blog, you can find stories related to the ethics of employee monitoring, legal side of this practice as well as advantages and disadvantages that come to employers and employees upon installation of the software.

Why Computer Tracking Software Could Be a Curse?

Usage of computer tracking software is steadily increasing, but not everyone is aware of how damaging it can be (in certain cases) to a company. 

One of the main reasons employee tracking program can feel like a curse is wrong implementation of the software. Picture this: you decide to install a tracking and monitoring software without telling any of your employees about it (besides the IT team and team leaders). At some point, one of the employees spills the tea and the information about your unlawful monitoring practices spreads around like a virus. Soon enough, your employees become unsatisfied with their work, and it notice letters start pouring in. What happened? By not telling your employees about your monitoring intentions, you created a sense of distrust, and who would want to stay with an employer who doesn’t trust them to their job?

Another situation where computer tracking software can feel more like a curse is when you use it to provide negative feedback only. If your managers keep going around reprimanding people how they spent 30 minutes on Facebook, but never giving praise to those who completed their projects before the agreed deadline you’re showing your employees that you’re only tracking them so you can implement a punishment system. Punishments and rewards go hand in hand, so if you intend to penalize workers for wrongdoings, make sure you reward them for an excellent job.

How Can Online Employee Tracking System Be a Blessing?

Moving on to lighter topics - software tracker can and should be a blessing! In order to achieve that, you first need to do everything the opposite of what was described in the examples above. But besides that, here are a few more handy tips to help you show your team that the implementation of a monitoring software was the best decision you’ve made.

Since almost all monitoring tools include time and attendance features, you can easily track overtime hours for each of your employees and pay them accordingly. Your employees will never have to worry again if they got paid enough for the hours they’ve put in, and you’ll save a lot of time - since these tools usually automatically calculate the payment amount. Besides making sure your workers are paid fairly, the tracking tool will allow you to be paid fairly on every project. By tracking billable hours for every client, you’ll always have proof of the work you’ve put into the project when you send an invoice through.

With employee monitoring software you can expect that your team will become more productive and efficient than ever. By using the data from your reports, you can allocate workload based on when certain team members are most productive. Additionally, you can allow for a more flexible working schedule, so all your team members can work when they’re actually efficient enough. Thanks to these simple, yet effective, changes your company will be able to complete projects in less time, which means you can take on new clients and earn more money.

Final Thoughts

The fact that computer tracking software didn’t work for some companies is fine. There are many reasons behind it. Some cultures just aren’t cut out for this type of tool, and that’s alright. The important thing is that you assess all factors before implementing an employee monitoring software and you’ll be good to go. Also, give it some time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so could take some time for both you and your team to get used to the new situation.

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