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apps and websites usage

How can WorkPuls help my business?

real time monitoring

Take a Look at Current Activities

See who’s working and which apps and websites are they using. Spot slackers easily and instantly.

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time and attendance

Track Time Spent in the Office

View your employees’ Clock-in and Clock-out time, Active and Idle time, Office time and Overtime. WorkPuls provides you with this info without punch cards or any data entry from employees, just by tracking their computer activities.

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apps and websites usage

Measure Usage of Apps and Websites

See which apps and websites are used across the organization and for how long. Drill down to see which employees use them and in which part of the day.

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Examine your Team's Commitment

Separate activities into Productive or Unproductive and receive insightful charts on team productivity, spot bottlenecks and find places for improvement.

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documents tracking

Measure Time Spent on Document Files

See exactly on which documents your employees work and which clients consume most of their time.

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client login

Guarantee for Employees Work

Allow your clients to log onto the account and see all the employee’s time data by themselves.

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