Hiring remote workers has become fairly commonplace in today’s work landscape, at least some degree of it. The perks for businesses are obvious - remote employees are ‘low-maintenance’ in terms of monetary investments, they’re typically more independent and productive, the possibility to work from home opens up the door to a much larger employee candidate pool, and it also seems that employees themselves enjoy the flexibility and are happier when you offer it.

But remote work comes with its own challenges too. And this is something that’s worth fighting to overcome because of all the advantages listed above. It doesn’t even have to be hard - sometimes it’s as simple as putting yourself in remote workers’ perspective and figuring out what they need.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of these challenges as well as the ways to solve them by using employee track software such as Workpuls.

Team Coordination

Having a dispersed team can be tricky. You might have gathered together experts from all over the world and you think you’ve instantly got the dream team, but the reality is that coordination between remote workers can sometimes be an issue. Since everyone is perceivably so independent, they might fail to realize team communication and proper delegation.

Using employee track software gives you direct insight into who’s doing what. You can break down a project into smaller tasks, assign each employee to one of them and monitor their progress. Remote PC monitor along with remote time clock will tell you both what task your employees are currently on and how much time it takes them to finish it.

This way, remote employee software lets you have a complete overview of all members of the remote team which can help you delegate tasks more effectively.

Work Monitoring

Obviously, seeing how your telecommuters work isn’t an option. You have the product of their work, sure, but what about the way they get to the final product, opportunities for performance improvement, and whether they really don’t have time for that one task or they’re wasting it playing video games?

The question of how to monitor employees working from home is resolved in one fell swoop by implementing remote employee management software. With it, you know when your employees are active, which apps they’re using, when they’re slacking off, how much time they spent working and all other details of their performance.

Employee track system can even be a security measure if your remote employees are required to work on confidential documents and files.

Compliance with Working Hours

You’re possibly paying your remote employees to work a certain number of hours every day. Naturally enough, you want to know whether they comply with this requirement. Taking their word for it isn’t enough and they can’t swipe their keycard or be seen in the office.

This is again where employee track software really shines in its usefulness. As work from home monitoring software automatically detects the first and the last computer activity and records them as remote workers’ clock ins and outs, it can give you an accurate ready-made attendance sheet for each telecommuter. This tells you how many hours of work they have each day as well as whether they’ve worked overtime.

Virtual employee time clock can even be combined with employees’ hourly rates to get precise payroll calculations if your remote workers are paid by the hour.

Help and Support

It’s not always obvious when remote workers are struggling with a task. You can’t directly witness their efforts and they might be too insecure, proud or afraid to admit they don’t know something.

If you know how to monitor activity on a computer in a smart way, analyzing the data and reports provided by your work from home tracking software can give you an indication of whether any of your telecommuters is struggling with a platform or a task.

The clue is usually too much time spent in an app without a lot of results, or maybe even detecting that a particular task is regularly interspersed with session on Google or help-seeking platforms like Stack Exchange.

This information provided by computer website tracker gives you the opportunity to react in a timely manner in providing help and support to the struggling employees.

Providing Feedback

Remote workers, like any other employees, need performance evaluations and frequent constructive feedback on their work. And remote employee time tracking tools can give you a solid basis for this.

You might not have a lot of face-to-face interaction with your remote employees, but laptop system monitoring software gives you a lot of the data you need to evaluate your remote workers, such as their productivity, rate of improvement, efficiency, etc.

This makes your feedback objective yet personalized and highly actionable, which is perfect for the circumstances.


Remote work isn’t the easiest way to get right. But once you do get a hang of how to manage a remote workforce, you’ll see why more and more companies choose to embrace it. And online computer monitoring software can be your helpful companion along the way.

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