Let’s say your employees haven’t been productive in the past couple of months and you want to find a way to keep an eye on them and their work. The first thing you do is Google it up right? You type in various sentences such as how to see what your employees are doing online, how to spy on employees computers, hidden computer monitoring software and so on. And in most cases, such a search will only show you one thing - employee monitoring software.

So, now you are intrigued. The solution for all your problems is there! Okay, you’ll do the proper investigation on how does such a program work, but the real question is how pick the best pc activity monitoring software out there? And here forums come as a life savior. 

Why Are Forums Good

People like to share their opinions about everything. They want to be heard. And forums are perfect for this. Such platform offers interaction between users on various topics. Sports, entertainment, gaming or something else, you name it. People use forums to express their opinions and to find useful information about anything they might be interested in.

Most famous forum is surely Reddit. It’s constructed of millions of subforums called subreddits where you can find a chat about basically anything. What’s good about all of this is that real people post on Reddit and similar platforms. So, if you, for example, want to know if iPhone X is a good phone, you’ll type into Google : “Is iPhone X good forum”, or “Is iPhone X good reddit”. Simple as that. And you’ll be taken to a specific subforum where people post their real opinions about iPhone X.

Now, let’s say you know all about forums and based on everything we said above, the next thing you type into Google is: “employee monitoring software reddit”.

How Can Forums Help You

And voila! You just found yourself in a place where hundreds of people post their PC monitoring software reviews. From good to not so good ones, here you have everything. And reading reviews is very important (presuming that they are honest). With them, you’ll get an insight of what does someone think about specific, in this situation, employee monitoring software. And that’s more helpful than any other advice you might get. Now, of course you can’t really rely on just one review. Read all of them! Do your research. You’ll get a full picture of the product you want to use and maybe someone uses it in the same setting as you would.

For example, you own a graphical design business. And you want to find the best employee monitoring software for the branch you work in. And, when lurking the forums, you find out that someone left a monitoring software review and they are also the owner of a similar business as yours. What a coincidence! So right now, you have a first-hand opinion from someone who is in the same position as you are. Even though you don’t know them, you can trust their review and you can now proceed to find more information about that specific software (of course if they left a positive review).

And this is why forums are really important. It’s a go-to source of information if you want an honest review of other users. 


So, if you want to implement an employee monitoring software, consider gathering your information on forums. It’s a great way to get quality reviews about a specific topic and to widen your research.

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