Did you ever feel like being watched? It's not pleasant, is it? Today, the use of computer software to monitor employee behavior is getting increasingly popular. The topic of this article will be how to help your employees prepare for this while also keeping their trust.


There are many benefits of employee monitoring , and it’s no surprise these kinds of platforms are getting more and more popular among companies. 

The main advantage of a program such as this is that you can monitor your employees and see whether they spend their working hours productively or not. In addition, you can see which websites they visit and how long they spend on their task. Furthermore, you can distinguish yourself which sites are productive, and mark them as positive. Or negative if they aren’t.

If you want to try out a platform like this, there is a bunch of free online monitoring software on the net. 

There isn’t a generally accepted list of best employee monitoring programs, but if you want to find the best software for employee monitoring overall, click here. 

Now that you know the benefits, let’s see why you should always tell your employees they’re being monitored.

Be Specific and Upfront

In order to avoid getting them all paranoid, identify what you'll be monitoring and why in clear and specific terms, and explain the entire monitoring process. This eliminates angst among employees, who may worry they’re being flagged for checking their email too often.

If you're transparent about monitoring and you manage to establish a clear policy, you're well on your way towards avoiding negative feelings and any discomfort among your employees. You should make this policy a part of your employee handbook, and devote special attention to it during onboarding for new employees. You may want to obtain written consent from each new employee during this process.

Make it clear to employees that the monitoring system isn’t in place because you don’t trust them or as a punishment. Explain instead why you chose to implement it and how it can actually have a positive effect on them. For example, you'll be able to measure their productivity in an objective way, which is especially important when the time comes for promotions or pinpointing weaknesses in your processes. In one survey, 92% of employees said that they don’t mind being “spied” upon, as long as they’re convinced the information will be used to help them.

Have a Good Reason for Employee Monitoring

First of all, you need to have a good reason for implementing monitoring software in the first place. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t even think of a tool like this if there isn’t something that’s bugging you. Therefore, you need a valid reason. 

Employees will be more understanding if they know that your intentions are good and backed up. If you opt for a monitoring platform, you should pick the best pc monitoring software that works for you. Furthermore, consult an expert on the matter, and let them help you integrate the platform into your current business. After all, you’re a newbie in all this, and you will need all the help possible.  


What’s probably the most important is the trust that exists between you and your employees. Trust equals happy workers and therefore more productive work. By telling your employees what your future intentions are about monitoring them, and thoroughly explaining the details (as mentioned in the previous paragraphs) you'll strengthen the team bond. In addition, you need to let them know that the data gathered will stay secured and that it won’t be used in the wrong way.

Statistics show that about 47% of employees don’t think their data is secured. And this is exactly why you should explain to them they don’t have anything to worry about. Most of monitoring software for employers are encrypted and there’s virtually no way for data to be stolen. 

Leadership and Bigger Picture

Great business leaders know their organizations are always a work in progress. Having said that, both you and your employees need to embrace the fact that upgrading the way you work is necessary for progress. And implementing desktop surveillance software is no different. 

When you realize that technology can only help you and make your company better, you’ll be able to make progress and from that point, only sky is the limit.


Let’s face it, implementing employee monitoring software is a big deal. It’s not like buying a new coffee machine for the office kitchen and letting your workers figure it out. This is a bit bigger. But, if you follow some of the steps from this article, you can rest assured you’ll keep a healthy environment in the office, and that your employees will be happy for what you did.

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